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David Kiger

David R. Kiger is a Texas-based entrepreneur and producer.

In 1995, Kiger started logistics company Worldwide Express out of his spare bedroom in Houston, armed with only $5,000 and a business plan. The company's founding principle was to give small and midsize businesses the same volume discount in shipping that large companies enjoy. That principle, along with a focus on a motivated, well-trained and positive workforce, has sustained Worldwide Express and fed its exponential growth, with current sales in excess of 5 billion dollars..

Today, Kiger is a major investor in Exos Transport Group and Alef Mobitech as well majority shareholder and chairman of beGlammed, the on-demand beauty service.

Kiger is on the board of advisors of the American Film Institute, and his credits as a producer include Occupy, Texas; Sionna; Blue Line; and The Bookie. Kiger lives in Dallas.


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